Michael Kalos, Ph.D.

Eli Lilly & Co.
New York, NY

Dr.Michael Kalos is chief scientific officer at Eli Lilly & Company. Dr. Kalos is a recognized international key opinion leader in the fields of immunotherapy and biomarkers. Previously, he led efforts to improve the way that doctors evaluate early stage immunotherapy protocols, and has also been involved in developing promising immunotherapies such as CAR T cells. Currently, he’s continuing to flesh out Eli Lilly’s immuno-oncology strategy, to integrate their programs and make them more comprehensive.

In addition to being a member of CRI’s Scientific Advisory Council, Dr. Kalos serves on the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC) Steering Committee.

The [strategies] we’ve developed don’t target the T cell, they target the microenvironment, which we now know is a critical component for the success of immunotherapy.
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