Cancer Immunotherapy

Impacting All Cancers

From the preventive vaccine for cervical cancer to the first therapy ever proven to extend the lives of patients with metastatic melanoma, immunology has already led to major treatment breakthroughs for a number of cancers. Every cancer type is unique, though, and immunology and immunotherapy are impacting each cancer in different ways.

The pages below provide brief statistics on each cancer, information on current unmet needs and treatment challenges, and an overview of the current and potential impact of immunotherapy for that cancer. Each page has been reviewed and verified by a dedicated expert in cancer immunotherapy.

Pages for additional cancer types—including head and neck cancer, liver cancer, multiple myeloma, and sarcoma—will be added shortly.

Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Finder

Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Finder

Are you a patient interested in enrolling in a cancer immunotherapy clinical trial? Visit our Clinical Trial Finder page to learn what trials you may be eligible for.

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Curator of Tomorrow’s Cancer Immunology Scientific Leaders

Benvenuto Pernis, M.D.

CRI Scientific Advisory Council Associate Director Dr. Benvenuto Pernis tells us about the important role CRI’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program plays in helping young scientists to become established in the field of cancer immunology.

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