Cancer Immunotherapy

Patient and Other Resources

Numerous resources are now available free online to cancer patients and their families. Here we provide links to our HelpBook, our primer on cancer and the immune system, a clinical trial finder to help you locate clinical trials of cancer immunotherapies, a glossary to help explain some of the terms you'll come across on our website, and links to other useful online resources.

  • CRI Helpbook
    The CRI Helpbook For Patients

    Guide to understanding and coping with cancer, including making treatment decisions and locating sources of support, such as financial assistance, nursing care, equipment, and transportation.

  • Cancer and the Immune System

    An in-depth look at how the immune system responds to cancer, and how cancer immunologists are using their knowledge about the immune system to develop new ways to conquer cancer. This e-publication contains easy-to-understand graphics and animations to help explain the intricate relationship between cancer and the immune system.

  • Find a clinical trial
    Clinical Trial Finder

    Learn more about clinical trials, what to consider if you are thinking about enrolling, and find cancer immunotherapy clinical trials for which you might be eligible.

  • Glossary

    Find definitions of the cancer immunology and other terms used on this site.

  • Helpful Links

    If you’re dealing with cancer, it’s important to be well informed about your diagnosis and treatment options. These websites can be valuable sources of information for patients and their families.

Meet Other CRI Patients

When Sharon Belvin learned that she had advanced melanoma at 22 years old, she enrolled in a CRI-funded clinical trial for a new antibody therapy called anti-CTLA-4. Today, the mother of two is still cancer free. Read more about her story and other cancer survivors who used these powerful new treatments called immunotherapies.

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