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Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium

The Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC), a program of the U.S.-based nonprofit Cancer Research Institute, is an international association of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic institutions that share a common interest in immunotherapy research and development. CIC scientists and clinicians, industry leaders, and governmental regulatory representatives interact and collaborate with one another towards the mission of making cancer immunotherapies part of the standard-of-care in oncology.

Founded in 2002, the Consortium continues to offer our membership the best academic and industry expertise in the immunotherapy field. Through annual conferences, member communications, and coordinated research initiatives, the Consortium addresses the networking, clinical, and regulatory needs of academic scientists, corporations, and organizations working in this promising area of biomedicine. The efforts of the CIC provide data-driven solutions to scientific and developmental challenges and help to validate and accelerate the development and approval of effective cancer immunotherapies.