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White Out Cancer

Established by the Cancer Research Institute, White Out Cancer™ is a day-long fundraising and awareness event on June 6, 2014, where individuals wear white in support of Cancer Immunotherapy Month™.



Why White?

Immunotherapy has the potential to help patients with almost any type of cancer. White, therefore, stands for all the cancer awareness ribbon colors combined. White also stands for support for scientists and clinicians in their white coats who work every day to discover new treatments and bring them to patients. White also represents the immune system itself (“white blood cells”). Ultimately, white represents new hope and new beginnings for patients for whom conventional cancer treatments aren’t enough.

How Can You Participate?

Anyone can participate in White Out Cancer™. Registration is not required, but is encouraged.

Start an Individual or Team Fundraising Page

Participants are encouraged to make a donation to CRI to help us advance our mission to find powerful, safe, and effective immune-based treatments for all types of cancer. In addition to a donation, you'll have the option to create a fundraising page that will make it easy for you to ask friends and co-workers to support CRI. By creating a page through CRI’s site, you'll ensure that funds raised will go directly to CRI to advance research and not toward third parties or toward other costs that may be associated with fundraising. We'll also provide you with sample tweets and Facebook posts, and you'll be able to create a fundraising page on the CRI website to augment your fundraising efforts.

Companies may wish to form teams of employees, with the highest fundraisers receiving special mention in a post-event news release and email. For more information on forming company teams, please contact Sharon Slade at

Order Your T-Shirt

You can purchase our official T-shirt for $25 and join the Cancer Research Institute to tell the world about immunotherapy as the revolutionary new treatment for cancer. Made in the USA with 100% cotton, T-shirt sizes range from S - XXL and is a modern fit.

Contact Jasmine Wright at or (212) 688-7515 to place your order TODAY!

Make a Gift to the Cancer Research Institute Today

If you don't want a T-shirt, you can still make a tax-deductible contribution and help support our scientists who are bringing more safer, effective immune-based treatments to patients facing all different types of cancer.