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Each year, 14 million men, women, and children worldwide are diagnosed with some type of cancer. Continued research to find better, smarter, more effective treatments is urgently needed. Join Team CRI, our community fundraising program, and partner with us to fund the work of our scientists in improving and advancing the fight against cancer.

Individuals and community organizations make a real difference in our fight against cancer by fundraising on our behalf. Whether you choose to organize your own event, such as a bake sale, golf outing, or fashion show; participate in a sporting event, like a marathon; or want to raise funds for a special occasion, we’re here to help.

Over the years, these fundraisers have generated millions of dollars in additional donations—money we have directed to promising medical researchers working to discover immunological therapies for cancer.

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  • Are you participating in an athletic event?

    Participate in an athletic event

    Race for CRI! Participating in an endurance race or competition is a great gesture to show your support for the fight against cancer. Join Team CRI and set up a fundraising page by entering a local race or creating your own today.

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  • Do you want to start a fundraising campaign?

    Celebrate a special occasion with the Cancer Research Institute. Create a fundraising page to advocate and support the fight against cancer. Dedicate your birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration to the mission of CRI.

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  • Are you planning your own event?

    Plan your own event

    Host your own creative event in support of CRI. Gather friends, family, or community members for a golf outing, bar night, dinner party, bake sale, car wash, fashion show, or plan anything your creativity may lead you to. By joining Team CRI, we'll provide you with helpful resources to make sure your event is successful.

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