Giving to CRI

Planned Giving

When you make a planned gift to the Cancer Research Institute, you are supporting scientists and doctors who are developing breakthrough immunotherapies to conquer cancer—all while gaining financial and tax benefits for you and your family.  

By carefully selecting the best form and timing for your gifts, you may actually be able to give more at the same after-tax cost. Including CRI in your overall estate and financial plans can be a simple process.

On the following pages you will find some ideas for making gifts to CRI that feature the opportunity to:

  • Increase your income from low-yielding assets in retirement years
  • Supplement the income of a parent, sibling, or other loved one
  • Make educational funds available to children, grandchildren, or others in tax-favored ways
  • Make charitable gifts using retirement fund assets that may otherwise be substantially depleted by income and estate taxes that may be due
  • Create a memorial to honor the memory of a loved one or other special person

If you have already included the Cancer Research Institute in your estate plans, thank you! You are now an important member of the Helen Coley Nauts Society. If you haven’t already, please let us know about your plans so we can thank you accordingly!

  • Assets You Can Give

    You can use a number of assets to make a planned gift to CRI. While cash is still the most popular option, we do accept several other assets, allowing you to make a significant gift to our organization's mission with little expenditure.

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  • Annuities and Trusts

    Using an annuity or a remainder trust, you can make a gift to CRI while also ensuring that you or your chosen beneficiary is taken care of. These plans allow you to collect a stable form of income for life and can also result in savings, capital gains, gifts, and/or estate taxes.

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  • Retirement Plan Gifts

    Amounts remaining in retirement plans can be among the most heavily taxed assets in your estate. By choosing to direct all or a portion of these accounts to CRI, you can lessen the financial risk and broaden the impact on cancer immunotherapy research.

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  • Wills, Living Trusts, and Other Plans

    In addition to filling an important role in providing for the future financial security of your family and others, your will or living trust can offer a way to make thoughtful charitable gifts as part of your long-range estate and financial plans.

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  • Planned Giving Resources

    Now that you have decided to make a planned gift to CRI, here's where you can find additional information for your advisors, gift planning calculations and comparison chart, FAQs, and tax information.

    tax identification number and sample bequest language that you may find helpful when setting up your planned gift. - See more at:

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