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With thousands of immunotherapies in development, and an even greater number of possible combinations of those drugs, identifying the best treatments of tomorrow is an enormous task that no organization can achieve on its own. Our Clinical Accelerator model is designed to speed up this process by bringing the best resources of the for-profit and nonprofit sectors together to identify and incubate next-generation immunotherapies.

Clinical Accelerator is based on a fundamental alignment of objectives between CRI's researchers and the top biopharma companies. By empowering CVC investigators to study novel immunotherapy combinations in the clinic, the field's understanding of how these agents can contribute to patient treatment can be significantly expanded, while simultaneously helping to identify the most promising drug development avenues for our industry partners.

  • MedImmune


    CRI and Ludwig have partnered with MedImmune, the global biologics arm of AstraZeneca, to investigate novel uses of three top immuno-modulatory antibodies in CVC clinical trials.

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  • Oncovir, Inc.

    CRI and Ludwig have invested to support the manufacture of a significant batch of a promising immune adjuvant for inclusion in CVC trials.

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  • GITR, Inc.

    CRI and Ludwig have invested in and are managing a phase I trial of the first anti-GITR antibody to be tested in humans.

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  • Immune Design

    Immune Design

    CRI and Ludwig will focus on clinical testing novel combinations of two investigational immunotherapies from Immune Design's pipeline.

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