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Oncovir, Inc.

Oncovir, Inc., is a pharmaceutical corporation dedicated to the development of nucleic-acid-based clinical therapies for cancer, infectious, immune, and degenerative disorders.

Oncovir promotes Hiltonol (poly-ICLC) as an experimental viral mimic and broad activator of innate immunity. While initially developed as an interferon inducer, Hiltonol has much broader biological effects in humans, including specific antiviral, immune activating, vaccine adjuvant, and antitumor actions.

The Cancer Research Institute invested to support production of the company's immunological adjuvant, Hiltonol. In exchange, Oncovir has made the drug available to our CVC Trials Network clinicians as well as scientists outside the CVC Trials Network.

You can learn more about Hiltonol on the Oncovir website here.