Wedding and Gifting Registries

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A wedding is among life’s happiest occasions, and your guests will want to send you into your marriage well-stocked with gifts. This brings up the dilemma of the gift registry: You have carte blanche to ask for anything. But what is it that you want?

For some, the answer isn’t all blenders and serving plates. More couples than ever are asking wedding guests to give to a cause that they believe in, either in addition to or in lieu of traditional gifts.

By asking your wedding guests to donate to the Cancer Research Institute, you will be making a substantial contribution to our work to conquer cancer. We are dedicated to finding and funding new immunotherapies—treatments that empower a patient’s immune system to fight cancer. Because immunotherapies are applicable in the treatment of nearly all cancers, our donors are making an impact in the lives of many patients and their loved ones.

There are several ways that your guests can give to CRI:

  • Create your own fundraising page through our website. This page allows you to set your fundraising goal, describe why CRI is your charity of choice, and track donations. It also allows you to create a page for your cause on Facebook, where your guests can give directly through the social networking site.
  • Share your site. Once you have created your CRI fundraising page, tell your guests about it through wedding invitations or e-mail blasts, or by listing it on a personalized wedding website. These websites—which can be set up through companies such as Wedding Window and eWedding—serve the larger purpose of informing guests about the logistics of your big day (accommodations, travel, etc.), as well as your gift registry preferences. It is also possible to list multiple gift registries on your website, allowing your guests to choose from a range of charitable and/or traditional gifts.
  • Favor CRI. Instead of buying party favors for your guests, make a donation to CRI in their honor. Alternatively, leave notes at your guests’ place settings asking them to consider making a future donation to CRI. One-off donations can be made on the “One-Time Donations” section of the CRI website. Guests can note that their gift has been made in your honor. You can even be notified when someone makes a gift if the donors choose this option.

*Immunotherapy results may vary from patient to patient.